How It Works

Send Me Home is a database that links a unique code, called an Owner Code, to a Send Me Home member. Send Me Home offers a range of tags and labels, each with a unique Owner Code displayed on them and even an Unlimited Owner Code that can be used anywhere and on anything. We also provide several free label printing templates so you can create your own lost and found stickers. Once you have registered your Owner Code with Send Me Home, it is yours for life and will always link to the contact details saved in your Send Me Home account.

Using an Owner Code to mark your property has many advantages over traditional methods (such as writing your name and telephone number on things):

  • Your personal details are secure and are not displayed to the public.
  • You can update your contact details at any time.
  • Owner Codes are never reissued or reused. They are yours for life.

Once a lost item is found, the finder can follow the directions on the tag or label to the Send Me Home website, enter the Owner Code shown on the item that they have found and send a message directly to the owner. The owner’s contact details are never exposed to the finder. The owner can then contact the finder directly via the finder’s preferred contact method and arrange for the return of their item.

Send Me Home is not a subscription service. There are no yearly renewal fees, no finder’s fees and no hidden costs.

  • Use our Unlimited Owner Code on as many items as you like. There is no need to have a unique individual code for each item you want to protect.
  • No need to renew. Our lifetime membership never expires.
  • Buy our ready made stickers, printed ribbon, tags and labels or make your own using our free templates.

Join now by purchasing an Unlimited Owner Code or any other sticker, ribbon, tag or label product in the Send Me Home shop and start protecting your possessions.