Isabella’s Bunny

Isabella’s mother, Kadriye, explains the heartwarming story of how this little girl was reunited with her best friend.

“Isabella and her bunny are inseparable at bedtime. We don’t usually take him out of the house through fear of losing him but somehow, Isabella managed to slip him out when we went for a walk. I didn’t even see him drop from the pushchair and didn’t realise he had gone until bedtime. After a frantic search of the house, my husband informed me that he had seen us go out of the door with bunny earlier for our morning walk. My heart sank as I realised that Isabella’s bedtime friend was probably lost forever. I started racking my brains to try and remember where he came from so I could rush out and buy another one.”

Lost Bunny

“After a bad night’s sleep, I searched high and low in M&S to find a new bunny but they had been discontinued. I called the local Police station and registered the bunny as lost property but didn’t hold much hope for its return. I was so upset for Isabella and wondered if we would ever get a good night’s sleep again! Imagine my surprise when an email arrived from Send Me Home telling me that someone had found bunny and wanted to return him. I’d completely forgotten that I had sewn a ribbon label onto bunny months ago with the Send Me Home website address and my owner code written on it.”

“I contacted the finder via email who turned out to be local and arranged to collect bunny. I even gave them a small reward for returning him. I was so happy that my little girl got her best friend back and I was able to look forward to more peaceful nights. Thank you!”

Such a great story. We’ll definitely sleep better knowing that Isabella has her best friend tucked in beside her.